Support the 2018 Just Local Food Expansion Plans by becoming an owner.

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Ownership has
its perks
  • Enjoy a wider selection of sale items available in our bi-weekly flyer.
  • Receive 10% OFF case orders anytime. (That means 10% OFF a 5lb bag of coffee, or a case of kombucha!)
  • Choose FOUR Owner Discount Days throughout the year and receive 10% OFF the total purchase.
  • Owners can cash checks for up to $20 over their purchase amount.
  • During profitable years, patronage refunds can be earned!
Extra perks for
During the Let's Grow Together Owner Drive, you'll receive all the standard perks of being a JLF Owner, as well as a FREE What's for Dinner Meal Kit (through July 31, 2018).
Why should you become an owner?
Becoming an owner not only gives you a handful of great perks, but you're also aiding the growth of our local economy and community. With our recent expansion plans, your Owner Investment is the key to success for Just Local Food.
“We have big dreams of creating a place that changes the way people connect to their food and the people in their community”
Maria Bamonti
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Join Our Food Cooperative
Owner share is a one-time $150 investment & is fully refundable at any time (less a $10 administration fee), and can be payable in increments of $40 every six months for up to 18 months.
Terms & Conditions I hereby subscribe for and intend to purchase a share for ownership at Just Local Food Cooperative at $150 per share for a total equity requirement of 1 share. I understand that this application is subject to the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws of the Cooperative. I agree that only the primary and secondary owners listed on the application will use this ownership. I understand that if my ownership has been inactive for more than three consecutive years, I will no longer be an owner of Just Local Food Cooperative, my ownership will be canceled and my share donated to the Cooperative. I understand that the Legal Member of Record is the person to whom all co-op mailings are addressed, is the official voting owner in all co-op elections, and will receive and and all monies potentially disbursed, including patronage rebates and a refund of equity. I understand that all owners may terminate ownership and receive a refund of equity purchased (less a $10 administration fee) by tendering their resignation in writing to the Board of Directors in accordance with Just Local Food Cooperative By-Laws."
Would you rather sign up in the store?

An owner application is available in-store at the register. It's fast, simple, and you can enjoy your benefits immediately. See an in-store associate for more details.