When employers add a JLF Owner Share to their Workplace Wellness Program it benefits the employees, the community, and the employer!

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Ownership has it's perks
  • Enjoy a wider selection of sale items available in our bi-weekly flyer.
  • Receive 10% OFF case orders anytime. (That means 10% OFF a 5lb bag of coffee, or a case of kombucha!)
  • Choose FOUR Owner Discount Days throughout the year and receive 10% OFF the total purchase.
  • Owners can cash checks for up to $20 over their purchase amount.
  • During profitable years, patronage refunds can be earned!
Free lunch? What's Better?
As a special thanks for layering on a JLF Owner Share to your Workplace Wellness Program, the co-op will provide a Workplace Wellness Lunch for your staff featuring items from the JLF Deli & Catering menu.
Receive extra perks when you sign your business up in April
During the Let's Grow Together Owner Drive, each new employee share will receive all the standard perks of being a JLF Owner, as well as a FREE What's for Dinner Meal Kit.
Each new owner will also receive an invitation to the Owner Event this summer!
Join Our Food Cooperative
Owner share is a one-time $150 investment & is fully refundable at any time (less a $10 administration fee).
Would you rather sign up in the store?

An owner application is available in-store at the register. It is fast and simple to complete, and you can enjoy your benefits immediately. See an in-store associate for more details.

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