When employers add a JLF Owner Share to their Workplace Wellness Program it benefits the employees, the community, and the employer!

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For Employers: The health and well being of your employees are crucial components in a company's success, and a nutrition-based wellness initiative is an innovative way to attract and retain high level employees. Poor nutrition and chronic illness results in a loss of productivity, which correlates to $260 billion annually. For Productivity:
  • Less absenteeism
  • Reduced stress in your employees
  • Promote employee health and wellness
For the Business:
  • See reduced health care costs
  • Use as a powerful tool for recruitment and employee retention
  • Effective health and productivity programs report 11% higher revenue per employee
For the Community:
  • Support our economy by sustaining local farmers and producers
  • For every $1.00 spent at JLF, $1.60 is infused back into our community
  • 38% of co-op revenue is spent locally, compared to 24% that chain stores contribute
For Employees: We're in the business of helping your employees operate at their maximum potential. 91% of employees that work for employers who support well-being efforts say they feel motivated to do their best. For Their Health:
  • Empower employees with easy access to healthy food
  • Kickstart a family-oriented shopping experience
  • Employees influence what products are in-store
  • Employees will have access to wellness events in our community room
  • Minimize employee sick days and medical expenses
For Their Mind:
  • Take pride in owning a share of a 100% community-owned local grocery store
  • Be a part of an ethically responsible organization
  • Have a say in the grocery store by voting in elections
  • Economically support our local farmers
For Their Wallet:
  • Receive over $500 in annual savings through exclusive offers and sales
  • Select 4 discount days a year and receive 10% of their total purchase
  • Enjoy a wider selection of sale items available in our bi-weekly flyer
  • During profitable years, patronage refunds can be earned
Join Our Food Cooperative
Nurturing Community, One Person at a Time Just Local Food Cooperative has served the community since 2004, offering nutritious and sustainable food, home, and wellness products to the Chippewa Valley through numerous partnerships with local farmers, and community owners. Since its opening, the co-op has continually worked to expand the grocery offerings to better serve customers and owners. To submit a request for more info, or to sign up to add a JLF Owner Share to your Workplace Wellness Program, please fill out the form below and a JLF representative will reach out to you shortly!
Would you rather sign up in the store?

An owner application is available in-store at the register. It is fast and simple to complete, and you can enjoy your benefits immediately. See an in-store associate for more details.